Brian Schultz

Brian Schultz

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First Name * Brian
Last Name * Schultz
Username * BrianSchultz
Country * USA
City Chicago
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Modeller
Areas of Expertise Games Console
Preferred Tools Modeling and texturing assets for real-time environmentsMaya3Ds MaxPhotoshopZBrushUnreal 3


My name is Brian Schultz and I’m a senior environment artist with over 12 years experience in the games industry. During my time in the games industry I have worked on the following shipped titles:

Mortal Kombat (XBox 360, PS3)
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (XBox 360, PS3)
Blitz the League II (XBox 360, PS3)
Game Party 2 (Wii)
NBA Ballers Chosen One (XBox 360, PS3)
John Woo Presents Stranglehold (XBox 360, PS3, PC)
NBA Ballers Phenom (Xbox, PS2)
Mortal Kombat: Deception (Xbox, PS2)
Slugfest: Loaded (Xbox, PS2)
NBA Ballers (Xbox, PS2)
NFL Blitz Pro (Xbox, PS2)
Halo (Xbox)
Lego Racers (PSX, N64, PC)
NCAA Final Four 1997 (PSX, PC)
Tempest X3 (PSX)


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